Shona Wilkinson

Head Nutritionist at The Nutri Centre

Shona-WilkinsonI particularly like COLLAGEN EXTRA® as it is in liquid form. This helps increase the absorption of the nutrients. It is also beneficial due to its high amounts of Hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a bioactive ingredient that can be found in the epithelial and conjunctive tissues of the human body. Being a very effective biological hydrating agent, this acid is used as a main ingredient in many anti-aging products.

As a natural compound produced by the human body, Hyaluronic acid has three main functions: to protect the cartilage between the joints from mechanical deterioration, keep it hydrated and to control cell migration. It also plays an important role in stimulating immune responses and reducing the need for antibiotics by helping the white cells combat several types of infections. However, as the human body continues to age, the amount of Hyaluronic acid naturally produced in the body decreases and this is where its synthetic preparations come into play.

Thanks to its multiple benefits in various branches of medicine, cosmetic and plastic surgery some have went as far as calling it “the key to the fountain of youth”. Hyaluronic acid is primary used to increase mobility of the joints, clear eye vision, combat signs of aging such as wrinkles, relief fibromyalgia and to help wounds heal faster.

Other known properties of Hyaluronic acid are to keep the skin hydrated and to improve bone density and muscle strength.

Each 30ml cup of Collagen Extra® provides 50mg Hyaluronic acid.

Overall, this is an excellent supplement and one I would be happy to recommend.


Shona Wilkinson
Head Nutritionist at The Nutri Centre

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